How Will Rosendale Try to Explain Away His Record on Veterans?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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How Will Rosendale Try to Explain Away His Record on Veterans?

Helena, MT – After a career of undermining benefits for Montana veterans, Matt Rosendale has some explaining to do. As tonight’s U.S. House debate — the first of the general election — rapidly approaches, Rosendale is no doubt pacing back and forth drilling his canned deflections. Unfortunately for him, his record speaks for itself.

As a state legislator, Rosendale consistently opposed funding the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte, over the objections of Butte’s veterans and veteran groups. Maryland Matt voted against a bill to fund the home, which now serves the roughly 33,000 veterans in Southwest Montana – nearly one-third of our state’s veteran population. Rosendale also helped kill a bipartisan bill that would have provided $5 million for the veterans’ home in Butte.

On top of his failed efforts to block the Butte project, Maryland Matt voted to slash funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home by over $3 million, a move opposed by veterans, Flathead residents, and even Montana Republicans like Ryan Zinke. A veterans’ advocacy group pointed to the vote as further proof that Rosendale is a “fraud.”

Rosendale also voted against creating a program that created a scholarship for Montana Purple Heart recipients to help them find a path to pursue higher education. It wasn’t the only time Rosendale attempted to block veterans from pursuing opportunity after serving. Maryland Matt voted against creating a program that has helped hundreds of veterans and gold star families buy homes. The loan program was endorsed by the VFW, American Legion, and National Guard, but Maryland Matt still couldn’t bring himself to do right by Montana’s veterans. Thankfully, despite Rosendale’s objections, the bill passed, was signed into law by Governor Bullock, and has since provided hundreds of loans to Montana veterans. 

On all of the above measures, Kathleen Williams voted on the side of Montana veterans.


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