History Repeats Itself: Fagg Critical of Supreme Court Justice’s Ethical “Impropriety,” Then Does the Same Thing, Accepting Political Money As Sitting Judge


Helena – Two years ago this month, ethically challenged Russell Fagg criticized Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for going on multiple trips paid for by outside groups, private citizens and companies, saying it “does not feel right” because Scalia was hearing court cases.

But wait, didn’t Fagg himself accept political money from private citizen secret donors as a sitting judge?

For months, in fact, Fagg – while a sitting judge – raised what was then an unknown amount of money from an unknown group of people during his unethical shadow campaign for Senate.

Fagg is facing an FEC complaint for raising political money as a sitting judge and running a campaign four months prior to his official declaration as a candidate. As a reminder, judges are not allowed under Montana law to “engage in overt political activities” like Fagg did.

The lack of ethics that Fagg accused Justice Scalia of is the very kind of unethical behavior that Fagg is participating in himself. Beyond his FEC complaint, Fagg is also dealing with a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee for allegedly violating federal law by filing financial disclosure reports containing numerous errors and omissions.


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