“Heartbreaking:” Gianforte ignores MT Nurses Association’s pleas for help for the 8th time

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

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“Heartbreaking:” Gianforte ignores MT Nurses Association’s pleas for help for the 8th time

Helena, MT – Yesterday, the Montana Nurses Association begged the Gianforte administration to support Montana’s nurses as they suffer staffing shortages following the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve requested a meeting eight times with the Governor. Each time, they’ve been ignored.

Montana’s nurses have worked through almost two full years of the pandemic and many have quit or taken early retirement in response to burnout and inadequate support from the state.  In response to the shortage, and ignoring the pleas of Montana nurses, Gianforte is siphoning some of the COVID relief funding into a plan to entice out-of-state nurses.

His plan will not work, says the Montana Nurses Association, because many other states are offering more competitive relocation bonuses. Instead, “We’ve got to invest in our nurses here,” says CEO of the Montana Nurses Association, Vicky Byrd.

It’s clear Gov. Gianforte doesn’t really care about Montana nurses:

  • He’d rather ship in out-of-state nurses instead of investing in our local nurses 
  • He’s ignored Montana Nurses’ pleas for help EIGHT TIMES 

“Gianforte’s inaction is costing our local health care organizations and hampering their ability to keep us all safe,” says MDP Executive Director, Sheila Hogan. “It is clear Gianforte has no respect for Montana nurses.” 


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