Health Care Professionals to Gianforte: ‘Set an example for all Montanans’ with COVID-19  

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Monday, October 12, 2020

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Health Care Professionals to Gianforte: ‘Set an example for all Montanans’ with COVID-19
“You often speak about personal responsibility, but as a candidate for governor for our state, it is your personal responsibility to set an example for all Montanans”

Helena, MT – The Billings Gazette this weekend reported on an open letter by more than 100 Montana doctors, nurses, caregivers, and public health experts criticizing Greg Gianforte for not taking personal responsibility when it comes to the pandemic, and urging him to stop his reckless behavior and take the public health crisis seriously.

The letter “criticized Gianforte, the state’s current U.S. House representative, for three instances” of reckless behavior, including attending a raucous concert in Helena that violated COVID-19 restrictions (without a mask), entering the gubernatorial debate maskless three days later, and joking about the pandemic at an event in Helena, offering to give a supporter a hug.

“Your refusal to commit to wearing a mask in public is a threat to the health and safety of our communities. It’s not taking personal responsibility, and it’s certainly not the leadership that Montanans deserve,” the health professionals wrote. 

The letter came as cases of COVID 19 are spiking around the state.

“So Congressman, as a group of doctors, nurses, caregivers, and health care professionals, we urge you to stop your reckless behavior, and start taking this pandemic seriously,” the letter concluded. “Montanans’ lives depend on it.”

The letter to Gianforte was signed by:

1. Abigail Combs, Caregiver, Butte

2. Alison Sharkey-Hines, Caregiver, Butte

3. Amy Matheny, MD MPH FAAFP, Missoula

4. Andrew Melcher, Caregiver, Great Falls

5. Anna Volkersz, Caregiver, Bozeman

6. Anna Whiting Sorrell, former Director MDPHHS and Director Billings Area Indian Health Service, Evaro Hill

7. Anne Murphy, MD, Missoula

8. Ashley Fling, Caregiver, Anaconda

9. Ashley Isaacson, Caregiver, Butte

10. Ashton Smith, Caregiver, Anaconda

11. Becky Facincani, Caregiver, Butte

12. Bonnie Knight, Caregiver, Black Eagle

13. Brach Newmiller, Caregiver, Billings

14. Breanne Utgaard, RN, Polson

15. Brenda M DeGrazio, CNM, Missoula

16. Brittney Quane, Caregiver, Butte

17. Caitlin McLaughlin, Caregiver, Butte

18. Candy Dorscher, Caregiver, Butte

19. Carla Macey, Caregiver, Melrose

20. Carol Cady, MD, Missoula

21. Celeste Thompson, Caregiver, Missoula

22. Cherie Knowles, Caregiver, Lolo

23. Chuck Butler, Helena

24. Cindy Craddock, Caregiver, Billings

25. Connie Sharp, Caregiver, Glasgow

26. Cora Neumann, Ph.D., public health expert, Bozeman

27. Cristopher Love, Caregiver, Billings

28. D’Shane Barnett, public health advocate, Missoula

29. Darci Thorsrud, RN, Missoula

30. Darin Bell, MD, Missoula

31. Dave Tessier, MD, Missoula

32. David Daniels, Caregiver, Anaconda

33. David Schuldberg, Ph.D., Missoula

34. Dawn E Doyle, Caregiver, Billings

35. Deb Agnew, MD, Billings

36. Delphine Camarillo, Caregiver, Billings

37. Denise Macoy, Caregiver, Butte

38. Destin Nettles, Caregiver, Butte

39. Devon Hines, Caregiver, Butte

40. Dezaray Stebbins, Caregiver, Butte

41. Donna Beall, PharmD FCCP CPP, Missoula

42. Douglas R Allington, PharmD, Missoula

43. Douglas Webber, MD, Missoula

44. Drew Stebbins, Caregiver, Butte

45. Dru Decelles, Caregiver, Billings

46. Emily Colomeda, public health expert, Lake County

47. Emily Coyle, health consultant, Missoula

48. Emma Wright, MD, Missoula

49. Eric Fox, MD, Missoula

50. Franklin Clark, Caregiver, Butte

51. George Risi, MD MSc Fellow IDSA, Missoula

52. Gerry Knight, Caregiver, Black Eagle

53. Greg Oliver, RN, Missoula

54. Hayley Blackburn, Pharm.D. BCACP BC-ADM, Missoula

55. Heather Jensen, Caregiver, Butte

56. Jacquie Helt, public health advocate, Missoula

57. Jake Jensen, Caregiver, Butte

58. Jamie Harding, FNP-BC, Missoula

59. Jessica Cozzens, MD, Billings

60. Janice Givler, MD, Missoula

61. Jami Lynch, RN, Ronan

62. Jessica Scheer, Nurse Practitioner, Billings

63. Katie Jones, MD, Billings

64. Katie Vance, Caregiver, Butte

65. Kendra Knezovich, Caregiver, Butte

66. Kendra Procacci, Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Missoula

67. Kerry Haney, PharmD, Missoula

68. Kristi Stacy, Caregiver, Frenchtown

69. Laurie Glover, APRN FNP-BC

70. Leslie Hunt, Caregiver, Butte

71. Linda Riley, Caregiver, Butte

72. Lindsay Richards, MD, Missoula

73. Lisa Jensen, Caregiver, Butte

74. Lisa Venuti, PharmD, Missoula

75. Lois Schuett, Caregiver, Butte

76. Lora Wier, public health advocate and former public health nurse, Choteau

77. Lori Swartz, Caregiver, Missoula

78. Lynn Holman, Caregiver, Troy

79. Margaret A Cronin, MD, Missoula

80. Margaret Eddy, MD, Missoula

81. Mark Miles, MD, Great Falls

82. Maria Titus, Caregiver, Missoula

83. Michelle Ramirez, Caregiver, Butte

84. Nancy Fitch, MD, Missoula

85. Ned Vasquez, MD, Missoula

86. Neva Oliver, FNP, Missoula

87. Nicole Farren, Caregiver, Butte

88. Patricia Carrick, FNP, Dillon

89. Rainie Setter, Caregiver, Butte

90. Rebecca Knight, Caregiver, Great Falls

91. Rhearae Newholy, Caregiver, Busby

92. Rob Stenger, MD MPH, Missoula

93. Roni Griffith, LNP, Helena

94. Sarah Watson, MD, Missoula

95. Shan Guisinger, Ph.D, Missoula

96. Shannon Bowling, Caregiver, Butte

97. Shelly Beeler, Caregiver, Whitehall

98. Sierrah Parini, Caregiver, Butte

99. Stephanie Bennett, Caregiver, Butte

100. Tammi Boe, Caregiver, Billings

101. Tara Perkins, Caregiver, Butte

102. Teresa Shiner, RN BSN, CRRN

103. Timothy Visscher, MD, Bozeman

104. Tom Bulger, MD, Missoula

105. Tom Roberts, MD, Missoula

106. Tracia Schenberg, Caregiver, Missoula

107. Tracia Schenberg, Caregiver, Missoula

108. Victoria Bell, Caregiver, Butte

109. William S Gallea, MD FAECP, Helena

110. Winnifred Schafer, Caregiver, Wolf Point

111. Winter Maulding, Caregiver, Butte

112. Wynter Hines, Caregiver, Butte


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