Health Care Policies Backed by Rosendale are Causing Major Rate Hikes


Helena – News of massive rate hikes in Maryland must be hitting close to home for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, who signed under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015 to get a tax break.

The changes to our current health care system that Rosendale supported are “a big driver” of these spikes – premiums in Maryland could rise by up to a staggering 91 percent, with “steep hikes” across the country, especially in rural areas.

As Montana insurers prepare to file their proposed 2019 rates in just nine days, will Rosendale even try to do anything about premium hikes? As Insurance Commissioner, Rosendale rubber stamped higher health care costs for Montanans, supported legislation that would increase premiums and rip away Medicaid coverage from millions of Americans, and pushed for short-term insurance policies that will cause premiums to spike by an average of nearly 20 percent in our state.

Noticing a trend? Rosendale has consistently supported policies that will increase Montanans’ health care costs, instead of working to protect Montanans from higher costs, like any Insurance Commissioner who actually does their job should.


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