Heading Into a Holiday Weekend, Gianforte Tries to Hide His Whopping $184 Million Income

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Friday, July 3, 2020

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Heading Into a Holiday Weekend, Gianforte Tries to Hide His Whopping $184 Million Income

Gianforte Has Already Plowed $1.5 Million Into His Campaign, With Plans to Spend Much More

Helena, MT – After releasing his tax returns Wednesday, Greg Gianforte revealed that he earned $184 million over the past ten years, nearly 3,500 times as much as the average Montana family makes per year ($55,000). 

Released right before a holiday weekend, Gianforte’s timing is no coincidence. Republicans and Democrats alike agree – Gianforte is hoping to hide his intent to buy the Governor’s mansion with his immense personal wealth earned from helping companies outsource jobs overseas. Since 2016, he’s spent over $11 million dollars on his various campaigns for political office, and “he’s prepared to spend much more.

Although Gianforte has managed to amass a huge fortune, he’s been an outspoken supporter of tax cuts for millionaires like himself, while sticking working families with the bill. He called a statewide sales tax in Montana an “ideal solution” — an idea rejected twice by Montanans – and he voted for a massive giveaway to big corporations and millionaires in Congress. After all, Gianforte confessed to believing “the fairest tax is the one you pay, and I don’t.

“It’s no secret that Greg Gianforte is going to dump millions of dollars into this race. Still, he clearly wants to bury the fact that he makes 3,500 times as much money as the average Montana family does per year,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “No wonder Greg Gianforte has such a hard time understanding the challenges facing working families. Unfortunately for Gianforte, Montana’s democracy is not up for sale.”


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