Havre Daily News Editorial: Daines, Gianforte need to be straight up with constituents

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Havre Daily News Editorial: Daines, Gianforte need to be straight up with constituents

“…taking credit for what the Democrats add [to the coronavirus response bills] is more than a little disingenuous” 

Helena, MT – The Editorial staff of the Havre Daily News chastised Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte for blasting Democratic pushes for crucial pandemic response measures like funding for hospitals, testing, and unemployment insurance as “partisan games,” before loudly taking credit for each measure once passed.

“Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte mislead Montanans like it’s their job.” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans deserve to know what their elected officials are doing in Washington, but Daines and Gianforte are doing everything they can to cover up their shameful opposition to the crucial measures they’re now taking credit for. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t working.”

Havre Daily News: Daines, Gianforte need to be straight up with constituents
By: Havre Daily News Editorial Staff


“Both Daines and Gianforte have blasted the Democrats in Congress for delaying the CARES Act that passed March 27, and the additional funding in the Paycheck Protection Program bill that passed Thursday.”

“What they aren’t telling voters is the bills may not have had the aid they are praising without the Democrats delaying the bills, and if the Republicans had agreed to the additional aid immediately, no delay would have occurred.”

“Daines voted to limit the benefits if they paid the person more than they normally earned. He then praised the additional payments without noting that he had tried to limit what passed.”

“Both Daines and Gianforte bashed the Democrats for delaying passage of the [Paycheck Protection Plan funding bill], saying it needed to be passed immediately because PPP was out of funding, and the additional aid could be added later.”

“Then both praised what the Democrats delayed passage to add, including additional funding for the Small Business Administration’s Emergency Economic Injury Grant Program, additional funding for hospitals and additional funding for COVID-19 testing as well as increasing the PPP funding from $250 billion to $310 billion.”

“And Gianforte took the cake last week for touting additions caused by a delay he bashed. ‘At last, we’re doing right by small businesses and workers today, but it’s overdue after being needlessly held up by partisan games,’ a release from his office reported Gianforte said on the floor of the House before the vote.”

“If Montana’s federal lawmakers oppose what Democrats are trying to add, that is fine and they should tell their constituents about it.”

“But then taking credit for what the Democrats add is more than a little disingenuous.”

“Come on, be straight with your constituents.”


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