“All Hat, No Cattle”: New Video Shows Fake Rancher Rosendale Misleading Montanans


Helena – Today the Montana Democratic Party released a new video highlighting Matt Rosendale’s misleading claims to be a rancher.

While the East Coast developer has claimed countless times to be a rancher, reports and public records show that he has never owned any cattle or ranched his own land.

During the primary, Rosendale frequently described himself as a rancher in his stump speechesop-edspaid advertisementssocial media accounts, and press releases. And when he was asked what separated him from his GOP opponents, his response was, “Piece of cake. Rancher.”

But as he’s often inclined to do, Rosendale is misleading Montanans about what he made acentral part of his campaign. Even while touting his so-called ranching “credentials,” though, Rosendale and his campaign have repeatedly refused to answer any questions about his lack of cattle and false rancher claims.

If Rosendale is misleading us about something as simple as his biography, what else is he misleading Montanans about?

Watch the video HERE.


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