Happy Anniversary to Pants on Fire Liar Matt Rosendale

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – One year ago today, soon after he entered the U.S. Senate race, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale earned his first “Pants on Fire!” rating from a nonpartisan fact-checker for making a false and “absurd claim” in what was literally his first campaign interview. And he has been far from upfront with Montanans since then.

Just months later, Rosendale received yet another “Pants on Fire!” for being “flat wrong” and having “no basis for his claim.”

But even before he began burning through his pants in his run for Senate, Rosendale’s record was stained with a clear pattern of misleading Montana taxpayers and refusing to be transparent.

In the state legislature, Rosendale deliberately tried to circumvent public records law by using his private email account to conduct state business and even requested that his government email be deleted.

Three years ago, while he was serving in the Montana legislature, Rosendale signed under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident to get a tax break in Maryland. He still hasn’t taken responsibility for it and blamed others for his actions.

And for the past year, Rosendale has consistently called himself a rancher even though he has never owned any cattle or ranched his own land, and when asked about it, he refused to comment.

Rosendale’s misleading record riddled with false claims says a lot about his character, or lack thereof, and shows that Montanans can only expect more misleading claims from Rosendale in the coming weeks.


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