Greg Gianforte Wants to Privatize Public Schools While Cooney Rolls Out Plan to Invest in Them

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Greg Gianforte Wants to Privatize Public Schools While Cooney Rolls Out Plan to Invest in Them

Gianforte has called public schools “a monopoly” and supports transferring public dollars into private schools

Helena, MT – This morning, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney released his “Brighter Future Montana” education plan to invest in Montana’s next generation of leaders, protect the health and safety of Montana students and educators, reduce college debt, and support good-paying jobs. Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte has called public schools a “monopoly” and supports the privatization of Montana’s public schools. 

Throughout his career, Greg Gianforte has worked to actively undermine Montana’s public education system. Greg Gianforte has donated over $12 million to Petra Academy, a private, religious school in Bozeman that discriminated against children with special needs. He also praised the Espinoza v. Montana decision, which school privatization advocates (bankrolled by Gianforte) hailed, predicting“many more school choice bills will be introduced in the next legislative session” as a result.

Greg Gianforte is so openly hostile to Montana’s public school students and educators, that the Montana Federation of Public Employees – Montana’s largest teacher’s union – voted to unanimously condemn his candidacy, a first for the union. 
“While Mike Cooney was fighting to secure record funding for Montana’s public education system, Greg Gianforte was working to privatize it,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montana students and educators deserve a governor who believes that all children deserve access to a quality education, not just those who can afford a private school tuition. The choice couldn’t be more clear.”


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