Greg Gianforte turns back on Montana’s voters, but plans to hobnob with Donald Trump Jr.

Laura Parvey-Connors2019, Gianforte, News, Republicans

HELENA – Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen today released the following statement on Congressman Greg Gianforte’s upcoming fundraiser with Donald Trump Jr.:

“Greg Gianforte turned down a chance to publically debate GOP opponents in the race for Governor but has plenty of time for a private fundraiser with the political elite,” Lindeen said. “What chance do Montanans have if a governor doesn’t have time to take questions from the public, but would rather meet with donors behind closed doors?”

Last week, things got heated between Gianforte and GOP adversaries Tim Fox and Al Olszewski when they sparred over a gubernatorial candidate forum in Helena that was open to the public. Gianforte chose not to participate and said his schedule did not allow for such an event. However, days later his campaign team announced a big fundraiser with the President’s son at the Montana Club in Helena on the Sunday before the debate.

Gianforte has a notorious history of denying the public access to both him and to our public lands. He hasn’t held a single in-person town hall since taking office in 2017 and sued FWP to deny access to a public stream near his multi-million dollar mansion outside of Bozeman.

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