Greg Gianforte Puts Personal Profit Over Public Good

Hadley Stack2021, News


Wednesday, February 24, 2021



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Greg Gianforte Puts Personal Profit Over Public Good

Questions Mount Over Governor Greg Gianforte’s Use of a Corporate Owned Private Plane to Conduct Government Business


Helena, MT — Governor Greg Gianforte continues to raise ethical alarm bells as he insists on placing personal profit over the public interest. Governor Gianforte’s insistence on using a private plane, which experts have said raises serious questions about ethics and government transparency, is part of a continued pattern — His first priority is personal profit.


While Montana Democrats continue to look out for hard working Montanans, Governor Gianforte has shown time and again that he is only looking out for himself. Whether profiting off of a public health crisis, cutting taxes for his fellow multi-millionaires, or, now, taking ethically questionable private plane rides, Governor Gianforte has consistently placed his own interests ahead of the public good.


“Greg Gianforte believes he’s better than hard working Montanans. Changing the rules to show off your private plane and pushing laws to line your own pockets is no way to govern,” said Sandi Luckey, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director. “What won’t he do to abuse the power of his office and grease corporate pockets?”



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