Greg Gianforte Has Abandoned Montana Women and Families

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Greg Gianforte Has Abandoned Montana Women and Families
Gianforte Mocked Equal Pay Advocates and Voted Against Equal Pay Legislation in Congress
Helena, MT – On the heels of Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney’s campaign for Governor launching Women for Cooney – a statewide group of prominent women elected officials and community leaders who support Mike Cooney’s vision for creating and sustaining good-paying jobs with equal pay – Greg Gianforte’s record of abandoning Montana women and families warrants a closer look. 

In this Congress, Gianforte missed more votes than 93% of his colleagues, including key votes on millions of dollars in funding for programs aimed at assisting children and families. When Gianforte wasn’t blowing off work, he voted against the bipartisan Paycheck Fairness Act , which would simply require employers to pay women and men the same amount for performing the same job. 

Although Gianforte’s net worth is estimated to be near $200 million, the median salary for Montana women is around $30,000 – nearly $10,000 less than men. Yet when asked about initiatives designed to level the playing field for Montana women, Gianforte mocked equal pay advocates for making a “big deal over this equal pay for women.”

“Greg Gianforte talks a big game about wages and jobs, but in reality, he’s abandoned Montana women and families while only looking out for himself,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montanans know that equal work deserves equal pay. But with New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte in charge, he’s content to count his riches while the rest of Montanans are left behind.”


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