Greg Gianforte Can’t Stop Lying About His Support for a Statewide Sales Tax

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Greg Gianforte Can’t Stop Lying About His Support for a Statewide Sales Tax
Gianforte Called a Statewide Sales Tax an “Ideal Solution”
Helena, MT – In his newest campaign ad, Greg Gianforte claims, “I’ll always oppose a sales tax.” Just last week, Gianforte repeated this lie to a constituent, claiming, “I’ve never advocated for a sales tax.”
*record scratch*
Not only did Greg Gianforte advocate for a sales tax, he called a statewide sales tax an “ideal solution.” He loves statewide sales taxes so much he even testified on behalf of a plan to implement one in Montana, which would have also conveniently slashed income taxes on millionaires like himself. 

Montanans know how much a statewide sales tax would raise taxes for working families – that’s why voters have already rejected it twice. Never one to be concerned with the challenges facing everyday Montanans, Gianforte was undeterred. After all, Greg Gianforte believes that “the fairest tax is the one you pay, and I don’t.”

“Gianforte may try to rewrite history with millions of dollars in TV ads, but he can’t erase his out and out support for a statewide sales tax,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “The tape is clear – Gianforte thinks a statewide sales tax in Montana is an ‘ideal solution.’ He’ll do anything to cut taxes for himself, while hanging the rest of Montana out to dry.”


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