GOP Infighting and Outside Money Continuing to the Bitter End in #MTSen


Helena – Just days away from the primary, the GOP Senate candidates – and their dark money backers – aren’t holding anything back. Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale and Russell Fagg have been beating each other up, with loads of cash from out-of-state super PACs flowing in to boost Rosendale’s flimsy campaign.

Fagg, meanwhile, is hitting Rosendale for signing under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015 and for claiming to be a rancher, when in fact Rosendale is not really a rancher.

ICYMI: MTN News: Candidates, others mixing it up, in final days of GOP U.S. Senate primary
By Mike Dennison
May 31, 2018

Key Points:

  • “…the candidates – and plenty of outside money – aren’t holding anything back, blanketing airwaves and mailboxes with last-minute attacks.”
  • “…with no independent polling, an open primary and an extraordinary $3 million of outside spending on the race, predicting the outcome is far from certain.”
  • “The Washington, D.C.-based Club for Growth Action, a free-market group, has spent at least $1.15 million on TV ads tearing down Fagg’s judicial record…”
  • “…Fagg is going after Rosendale with TV ads, mailers and social media comments, pointing out what he says will be fatal baggage for Rosendale in the general election.”
  • Rosendale has “had help from a half-dozen outside groups that have spent $3 million either promoting him or attacking his opponents.”
  • “Club for Growth Action has spent $1.7 million of that total, including an ad that blasts Fagg…”
  • “Fagg’s campaign is running an ad that raps Rosendale…That Rosendale signed a Maryland real-estate document in 2015 saying he’s a Maryland resident, and that Rosendale, who calls himself a rancher, doesn’t own any cattle.”
  • “‘These (other) guys are tarnishing themselves and making it hard to come into the general election strong,’ [Dr. O]  said.”


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