GOP Disunity in #MTSen


Helena – After the wrap of a nasty and bitter primary last night, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale – who 65 percent of GOP primary voters voted against – is left dealing with some major wounds inflicted by his GOP counterparts.

They can talk about coming together and unity all they want, but Rosendale has been attacked by his GOP opponents on everything from misleading Montanans about being a real rancher and signing documents under penalty of perjury in 2015 claiming he was a Maryland resident, to misleading on his true public lands record and his role in rubber-stamping health care rate hikes. And he returned the favor in-kind. Even after winning the primary, Rosendale is still charging at his GOP opponents for their ads against him.

Meanwhile, none of Rosendale’s GOP opponents have issued statements of concession.

The wounds are still fresh, and not likely to heal anytime soon.

Watch what his opponents had to say:


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