Gloves are Finally Off: Fagg Attacks Rosendale in #MTSen

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – The Montana GOP Senate candidates have started ramping up their attacks on each other, with ethically challenged Russell Fagg coming out of the gate with strong hits against wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale.

Fagg criticized out-of-stater Rosendale for his out-of-state support – Rosendale has had to depend on outside special interest dark money groups to prop up his campaign – and for moving to Montana to “start a political career.”

Echoing other Montanans’ concerns, Fagg lambasted Rosendale for his tour across the state on taxpayer time through his official office as auditor, saying that it’s “paid for with a state slush fund…He’s taking workers, people from his office, on the Montana slush fund…He should have done it last year, but in the middle of the campaign it just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Californian Troy Downing joined in the fun, taking a dig at Rosendale for being a career politician. Downing also oddly claimed that being a teacher “is not a skill set that gets problems solved in DC.”

It looks like the GOP field is finally waking up and realizing they’re less than two months away from the primary.


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