Gianforte’s veto of childcare bill is wrong for Montana

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Gianforte childcare bill veto is wrong for Montana

Governor rejects popular bipartisan plan to find solutions to state’s childcare crisis

Helena, MT — Governor Greg Gianforte has vetoed a bill that would find solutions to the state’s childcare challenges. The bill passed out of committee with bipartisan support and would have been funded with private money.   

“If this is Governor’s Gianforte’s way of celebrating Mother’s Day then he’s a day late and a dollar short,” said Sandi Luckey, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director. “Harding working Montana families need help with childcare to cope with the challenges of the pandemic.  Governor Gianforte has shown he won’t help them even if it doesn’t cost the state a dime.”

The bill, which was sponsored in part by a Republican state Senator, would have explored how to finance childcare for Montana families through tax credits. 


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