“Gianforte Would Kill Us In a Nanosecond”

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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“Gianforte Would Kill Us In a Nanosecond”
“I haven’t worried about our existence in any other campaign for governor until now,” says outgoing leader of Montana’s largest union


Helena, MT – In a recent interview, the outgoing president of the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE), Eric Feaver, soberly laid out the stakes of the upcoming governor’s election for Montana’s labor movement. “Gianforte would kill us in a nanosecond… I haven’t worried about our existence in any other campaign for governor until now.” 

Through the years, Greg Gianforte has made it clear that he is no friend to the hard working Montanans of organized labor. On top of his support for privatizing public education, Gianforte refused to meet with MFPE leadership, causing the largest union in Montana to unanimously condemn Gianforte’s candidacy – a first for the union. Gianforte referred to public schools as a “monopoly,” and has donated over $12 million to Petra Academy, a private, Christian school in Bozeman, “helping create educational systems lacking public oversight and union representation for teachers.” Gianforte also supports funneling taxpayer dollars to private schools, which would lend public funding to “institutions with no public accountability, state curriculum standards, or unions.”  

“Greg Gianforte would be a disaster for hard working Montana families, in no small part because of his strong disdain for Montana’s proud union heritage,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Greg Gianforte wants to privatize Montana’s public schools and crush Montana’s labor movement. We won’t let that happen.” 


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