Gianforte Votes with Washington to Allow Bikes in Wilderness Areas, Now Wishes He Could Take It Back

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Helena—In December, Multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte put his Washington party bosses before Montana when he voted to allow bikes in Montana’s 11 wilderness areas. At the time, he said his vote “restores the original intent of the Wilderness Act.”

Now, after Montanans spoke out against his vote, Gianforte says he wishes he could take it back.

But Gianforte’s decision to side with Washington and play politics with Montana’s wilderness areas are just another in a long list of Gianforte’s anti-public lands policies. In addition to this vote, Gianforte:

And, after breaking a courtroom promise to sit for an interview with the reporter he assaulted, how good is Gianforte’s word, really?


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