Gianforte Votes for Political Stunt After Adding $1.8 Trillion to Deficit to Cut Taxes for Millionaires


Helena—Today, just months after voting to add $1.8 trillion to the deficit in order to cut taxes for multimillionaires like him, Greg Gianforte backtracked and voted for a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to adopt a balanced budget.

Gianforte’s political stunt comes on the heels of a new CBO report showing that the recently passed tax scam will add $1.8 trillion to the deficit and won’t pay for itself through economic growth.

However, while Gianforte didn’t mind adding almost $2 trillion to the deficit to score permanent tax cuts for America’s largest corporations, he voted against funding rural broadband infrastructure, building the Butte Veteran’s home, and investing in substance abuse and treatment to combat the opioid epidemic.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has already said he intends to cut Medicare this year, in part to help pay for the recently passed tax scam. Meanwhile Gianforte has dodged questionsabout whether he agrees with cutting the health benefits Montanans have earned through a lifetime of hardwork.

Now that Gianforte claims he wants to balance the budget, he must tell Montanans: Will he join the leader of his caucus, whom he praised yesterday as a “selfless public servant,” and cut Medicare for Montana seniors in order to pay for his tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations?


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