Gianforte Still Hasn’t Held Public Meetings on Legislation to Remove Protections from WSAs


Helena—When it comes to making decisions about Montana’s outdoor heritage, multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte has argued, “Public input is critical with how we manage our public lands.” But if Gianforte thinks “public input is critical,” then why hasn’t he held a single public hearing on his proposal to eliminate protections for almost 700,000 acres of Montana’s public lands? 

Despite Gianforte’s lip service to “public input,” it’s not hard to see why he doesn’t want to meet with Montanans and try to explain his legislation face-to-face:

It might be because he knows that 57% of Montanans oppose his proposal, and only 11% say they support it.

Or maybe it’s because he knows that 82% of Montanans are conservationists and that many of them would attend such a meeting and expose that his legislation doesn’t have the local support he claims.

Or perhaps he’s worried about being held accountable for his campaign promise that“public lands must stay in public hands,” before proposing the largest attack on Montana’s public lands protections in recent history.

Whatever the reason, it’s crystal clear that Gianforte’s legislation was written without the “public input” that he claims to hold dear. But that’s not entirely surprising because if it’s a day of the week, it means Gianforte is saying one thing to Montanans and doing another in Washington.


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