Gianforte Refuses to Meet With First Responders During Pandemic

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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Gianforte Refuses to Meet With First Responders During Pandemic
Billings Firefighters Say “Greg Gianforte Is Out of Touch With Our Values”
Helena, MT – With less than two weeks until primary day, Greg Gianforte continues to face relentless criticism for avoiding Montana voters at all costs. Now, Montana’s first responders are calling out Gianforte for blowing them off too. In a Facebook post, the Billings Firefighters declared, “We have tried numerous times to meet with Greg Gianforte and he will not meet with us. Greg Gianforte is out of touch with our values.” 

This is nothing new for Gianforte. Prominent Republicans have accused him of “hid[ing] behind his money,” and his primary opponents have attacked him for “social distancing long before the pandemic,” noting that “[Gianforte] ducked debates and forums, refused interviews with the press, avoided open public meetings and tough questions, and instead used [his] considerable wealth to try to buy this election instead of earning those votes.”

“Firefighters and first responders are the heroes that put their lives on the line for Montanans every day. They run toward danger to help people, but Greg Gianforte still can’t be bothered to meet with them,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “If Gianforte refuses to meet with the brave women and men working around the clock to keep Montanans safe, there’s no chance he’ll listen to any of us. Public service and looking out for others are foreign concepts to Greg Gianforte.”


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