Gianforte, Daines to Montana’s Local Governments: You’re On Your Own

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Friday, May 15, 2020

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Gianforte, Daines to Montana’s Local Governments: You’re On Your Own
Both Oppose Necessary Financial Relief as Towns Face Devastating Budget Shortfalls
Helena, MT –  As the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to bankrupt local governments, local elected officials are appealing to Montana’s federal delegation for relief. The pandemic has disrupted local tax bases, jeopardizing funding for essential services, and forcing many towns to consider severe furloughs and layoffs. Without an injection of funding, towns may struggle to keep businesses open, maintain public safety, and support public works projects. 

Despite the financial hardships facing towns across Montana, Rep. Greg Gianforte and Sen. Steve Daines oppose additional relief from the federal government. Daines told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that the much-needed funding would be “irresponsible,” and Rep. Gianforte suggested that Montana has already received enough relief in previous bills. Both legislators’ callous statements come as Montanans are struggling to pay their bills and provide for their families amid a global pandemic.

“The message that Daines and Gianforte are sending to Montanans is clear – you’re on your own,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey.  “When it came to a $1.5 trillion giveaway for corporations and the wealthiest among us, Daines and Gianforte were on board. But now that Montana’s towns are asking for crucial relief, Daines and Gianforte are nowhere to be found.”


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