Gianforte: Antiquities Act Resulted in “Large Land Grabs,” Voted to Endanger Monuments


Helena—While multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte has spent the majority of the last few years attempting to convince Montanans he supports protecting Montana’s public lands, his record tells a very different story.

Back in October, Gianforte voted to gut the Antiquities Act, weakening one of our nation’s most important public lands protections and endangering our greatest natural treasures like Montana’s Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

Weakening those protections probably didn’t bother Gianforte, who criticized the creation of the Breaks in the first place. He said the Antiquities Act has been used “as large land grabs” and that “there wasn’t a lot of consultation with local landowners” during the creation of the Breaks Monument.

Meanwhile, his constituents disagree with his actions in Congress: 61% of Montanans oppose laws that would reduce the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments and would give Presidents greater power to lift protections for public lands, like the bill Gianforte voted for. And 57% of Montanans oppose his signature legislation to remove protections from almost 700,000 acres of Montana’s wilderness study areas.

So while Gianforte continues to claim he wants to keep public lands in public hands, he has actively worked in Congress to weaken protections for Montana’s most precious public lands. It’s no wonder he’s trying to rewrite history.


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