Former Trump Advisor Michael Flynn to Campaign for Troy Downing in Montana as #MTSen GOP Primary Heats Up


Helena – Today, California millionaire Troy Downing announced that Trump confidant Gen. Michael Flynn will be coming to Montana to hit the campaign trail for him as the GOP primary starts to heat up. Flynn’s visit is the latest in Downing’s campaign boosted by Trump’s allies.

Throughout the primary, Downing has made his Trump ties no secret, bragging about his connections to the Trump family and the Trump administration. In fact, it was just about a year ago that Downing first stopped by the White House for a visit.

Last November, Downing schmoozed with Trump sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. when they visited Montana, and just a few months later, Downing flew to D.C. to meet once again with the White House.

Downing is also pals with Trump cabinet members like Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, whose wife—Lola Zinke—serves as Downing’s campaign chair.

Flynn made headlines last April when he got in a bit of hot water for, well, lying to the Vice President of the United States and was then fired. But the President continues to stick up for him, even defending him this morning.

With no clear frontrunner in the #MTSen primary, Downing seems more than happy to ride Trump’s coattails through the primaries. The question is: will it work?


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