Former Republican Mayor: Mike Cooney Cleaned Greg Gianforte’s Clock in the Debates

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Monday, October 12, 2020

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Former Republican Mayor: Mike Cooney Cleaned Greg Gianforte’s Clock in the Debates
Fisher on Gianforte: “He’s like the most unlikable politician in Montana’s history. He’s gotten zero appeal.”
Helena, MT – “Horsesh*t.” “Very awkward.” “Pandering.” “Distasteful.” “Flawed candidate.” All phrases that the former Republican mayor of Kalispell, Tammi Fisher, used to describe Greg Gianforte’s debate performances last week. 

In the latest episode of her Montana Values podcast, Fisher unleashed on Greg Gianforte, citing his criminal record, blatant attempts to turn a profit off the COVID-19 pandemic, and inability to bring Republicans and Democrats together.

On law enforcement, Fisher’s co-host said, “let’s talk about… the lack of law enforcement support for Gianforte… Tammi and I are huge supporters of law enforcement. As conservative Republicans, we are disappointed that we cannot support [Gianforte].” Fisher followed up, saying, “no major law enforcement group has come out in support of Greg Gianforte.”

On the pandemic, Fisher referenced Attorney General Tim Fox’s insider trading accusations against Gianforte saying, “according to Tim Fox… [Gianforte] has profited off of the pandemic, and his blind trust that he was supposed to create… was never created.”

Fisher also noted Gianforte’s extreme partisan record in Washington D.C., where Gianforte has “voted with the [Republican] party 95% of the time… the idea that he’s going to be able to work with Democrats or Independents in the legislature is just insane.”

“Greg Gianforte has spent more than $13 million trying to rehabilitate his image as a mega-millionaire from New Jersey, but even his fellow Republicans continue to reject him and his astro-turfed candidacy,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “No amount of money will be enough to make Montanans forget who Greg Gianforte is and what he’s done, which is why he’s going to be defeated this November – again.”


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