For the Second Time in Three Days, Greg Gianforte Crashed and Burned on Live TV

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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For the Second Time in Three Days, Greg Gianforte Crashed and Burned on Live TV

Helena, MT – Failing to beat even the lowest of expectations, Greg Gianforte managed to follow up his embarrassing performance on Saturday with an even worse dud during last night’s PBS debate

Among many, a few of Gianforte’s lowlights:

When discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg Gianforte asked, “I don’t know how we got on health care,” which he supports stripping away from 112,000 Montanans – during a pandemic. 

Gianforte then outed himself as a far-right extremist, arguing in support of inserting government between a woman and her doctor, and staking out a position on reproductive health care far outside the mainstream in Montana.

Greg Gianforte continued to lie about his record on public education, which he supports defunding.

Gianforte also refused to condemn William Perry Pendley – who has argued for all public lands to be sold off – after praising his nomination and saying that he’s  “optimistic about working with Mr. Pendley to promote Montana’s interests.”

Finally, Gianforte lied once again about the lawsuit he filed against Montanans to block stream access near his riverfront mansion.

“Greg Gianforte didn’t do well last night, but he did do his best to lie his way through another debate to erase his record of working to strip away health care, block public lands, and explode the national deficit,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “By now it’s clear – Greg Gianforte is willing to say anything it takes to get elected. Fortunately for Montanans, Mike Cooney was on the stage last night, holding Gianforte accountable for his record and laying out his vision for leading Montana forward.”


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