FLASHBACK: Rosendale Bought and Paid for by Developers, Largest Private Landowners in Montana


Helena – Developers like Matt Rosendale, who have vested interests in selling off public lands, are “filling in Rosendale’s coffers,” along with Montana’s largest private landowners – the out-of-state billionaire Wilks brothers who bought hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Montana.

The wealthy anti-public lands family gave hundreds of dollars to Rosendale’s 2014 campaign, while at the same time limiting public access to prime elk hunting and building illegal fences that encroached on public land.

Rosendale’s “record shows close ties to, and consistent support for, business and industry.” In fact, Rosendale has raked in thousands of dollars this campaign cycle from another family that is one of the largest private landowners in the state.

It’s no wonder, then, that Rosendale vocally campaigned just a few years ago on transferring federal public lands, citing opportunities for development, and voted favorably for anti-public lands bills in the legislature, including one criticized as a “backdoor” to public lands transfer.

As Rosendale falsely claims to support our public lands, Montanans need not look any further than his fully established anti-public lands record and his big-moneyed, anti-public lands donors.

His abysmal record has made it loud and clear that he doesn’t share Montana values and can’t be trusted to protect our public lands.


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