FLASHBACK: Gianforte Silent on Cutting Medicare, Supports Gutting Medicaid


Helena—Today is the 53rd anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid being signed into law, but there is only one candidate in the race for Montana’s at-large congressional seat whose dangerous record is threatening these critical programs: multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte.

FACT: Gianforte won’t say if he opposes Paul Ryan’s plan to gut Medicare to help pay for corporate tax cuts.

Gianforte and his party bosses added $2 trillion to the deficit when they passed their massive tax giveaway to corporations and millionaires. Just days before passing the bill last Fall, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the House majority would cut “health care entitlements” including Medicare to pay for the corporate giveaways.

However, when the Helena Independent Record asked Gianforte if he would support cutting Medicare, his office did not respond.

FACT: Gianforte supports the Graham-Cassidy health care plan, which would “radically restructure and deeply cut Medicaid.”

Months after he assaulted a reporter to avoid explaining his position on healthcare, Gianforte still would not tell Montanans which of his party’s healthcare bills he supports. However, in December, Gianforte finally came out in support of the dangerous Graham-Cassidy legislation, which would have disastrous consequences for Montanans and rural hospitals.

Graham-Cassidy would:

Graham-Cassidy is strongly opposed by Montana hospitals, medical practitioners, and health care groups. In September, Montana Hospital Association President Dick Brown told The Billings Gazette, “The Graham-Cassidy bill will jeopardize many lives that are covered today. We urge the Senate to oppose this bill and instead protect the health coverage of vulnerable Montanans.”

Nationally, The Washington Post “was unable to identify any medical associations that support the measure.”


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