Flashback Friday: Daines’ History of Letting Veterans Down 

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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Flashback Friday: Daines’ History of Letting Veterans Down 

Helena, MT – Today, Senator Steve Daines will attend the opening of a Missoula veterans clinic where he’ll no doubt gloss over his record in Washington D.C. of pushing policies that threaten the financial security and health care of Montana’s veterans. 

Daines remains dead-set on repealing the Affordable Care Act, which paved the way for Medicaid expansion, which provides a crucial lifeline for veterans who don’t qualify for VA health care benefits. It also bolsters Community Health Centers across Montana, which help provide mental health and substance abuse treatment services, and where in 2018 more than 5,000 veterans sought care. 

Daines has been quick to take credit for the Butte Veterans Home  posting photos on social media of himself attending the groundbreaking on social media – despite voting against funding for the center. Montanans admonished Daines for his insincerity, with one writing, “How can I not come to the conclusion that you are a hypocrite and you must think Montanans are too dumb to see past your political posturing?” 

“Steve Daines says he fights for veterans, but his record tells a different story,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “The veterans of Big Sky Country deserve a Senator who delivers results for them, not one who just shows up for a photo op.”


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