Five Key Questions Ahead of Tonight’s #MTSEN GOP Debate


Helena – The Montana GOP Senate candidates finally have their first debate tonight. YES, we know…during the Sweet 16. But if you do decide to watch a debate featuring two out-of-staters and an ethically challenged judge over watching basketball, here are five key questions that need answering:

  1. Will any of the four candidates be able to separate themselves from the pack? So far, there’s been no clear front runner in a lackluster primary. What, if anything, can any of them do to distinguish themselves from their primary opponents?
  2. Will wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale continue to mislead Montana voters? Matt Rosendale publicly criticized Montana health insurers who asked to increase rates after cost-sharing reductions were pulled, but told them privately that he’d work with them to adjust rates if “circumstances changed.” He then rubber stamped an insurance rate hike of up to more than 22 percent for Montanans. All of this misleading behavior led to him being called out for playing politics.
  3. Will ethically challenged Russell Fagg address his ongoing issues? Fagg – who ran a shadow campaign for months and unethically accepted political money from secret donors while still hearing cases as a judge – is facing an FEC complaint for raising political money as a judge and a Senate ethics complaint for failing to comply with federal law by filing his report late with multiple errors and omissions, including not disclosing his private plane.
  4. Will they stand by the new tax scam even though it increases the deficit, cuts Medicare and causes Montanans to lose health insurance? The law will add more than $1.5 trillion to our national debt, threaten drastic cuts to Medicare and Social Security, raise premiums, and kick 46,000 Montanans off their health care.
  5. Will Rosendale be called out on his anti-public lands record? Rosendale has long supported federal land transfers to the state, which could lead to selling off our public lands and threaten public access.


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