What Has Fake Rancher Rosendale Been Up To? Scrubbing ‘Rancher’ Mentions From His Campaign Bios

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Helena – It’s been months since it was first revealed that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale had been lying about his ranching “background,” and Rosendale has still refused to comment on the reports that showed he has never owned any cattle—and leases out his land to someone else.

But now, it appears that Rosendale is changing his tune once again. Talking Points Memo reports that Rosendale has quietly been scrubbing mentions of being a rancher from his campaign bios on Twitter, his campaign website, and press releases.

After carefully trying to build up his nonexistent ranching credentials in stump speeches, posing in front of red barns that aren’t his in brand-new Carhartt jackets, and challenging farmers to…fence-offs, it seems that Rosendale has finally started to accept that Montanans know he’s “all hat, no cattle.”

Montana GOP Senate Candidate Quietly Scrubs ‘Rancher’ From His Campaign Bios
By Cameron Joseph
September 6, 2018

Key points:

  • “Montana’s GOP Senate nominee used to routinely, if inaccurately, brag that he was a ‘rancher.’ But he seems to have backed away from the term in recent months following questions about his experience.”
  • “The most recent, and boldest, example: He removed the term from his twitter bio in recent weeks.”
  • “Rosendale had been leaning more and more heavily into his rancher persona as a candidate throughout the GOP primary, using it in ads and on the campaign trail. But the real estate broker had previously publicly admitted that he leased out his land rather than ranched it himself, and documents obtained then by TPM showed he’d never actually owned any cattle.”
  • “His campaign’s  press releases stopped including their once-regular references to Rosendale as a ‘Glendive rancher,’ referring to his adopted hometown. The campaign also removed the ‘rancher’ description from his website’s tagline that month, according to cached versions of the site.”
  • “In July, ‘rancher’ came out of his site’s bio page. In August, it came completely off the website’s homepage.”

And the kicker…:

  • “Rosendale’s campaign didn’t respond to questions on why they’d shifted from using the term.”

Read the full article HERE.


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