Fake Rancher Rosendale Refuses (Again) to Answer Basic Question About Not Owning Any Cattle


Helena – Since beginning his run for U.S. Senate, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has consistently called himself a rancher, making it a centerpiece of his biography this candidacy – but reports show that Rosendale has never owned any cattle and never ranched his own land.

When the news broke that Rosendale was misleading Montanans by claiming to be a rancher, Rosendale and his campaign refused to answer multiple questions from a reporter about his lack of cattle and why he had only recently began claiming to be a rancher.

Rosendale thought he could get away with deceiving Montanans but yesterday, when asked by another reporter if he has any cattle, Rosendale again refused to answer the question, making it obvious that he still doesn’t have any cattle even though he insists on calling himself a rancher.

Not only did Rosendale again not answer the question, his deflection showed a lack of understanding agricultural issues – a farmer is not the same thing as a rancher, and Sen. Jon Tester is a farmer who farms the land that has been in his family for three generations.

Since Rosendale is a fake rancher, we wouldn’t expect him to know there’s actually a difference between a farmer and a rancher.

At this point, Rosendale’s fake rancher claims are becoming downright embarrassing for his campaign. And it’s never a good look when you can’t even answer basic questions about yourself.

It is well past time for Rosendale to come clean and admit to Montanans that he’s a fake rancher misleading them in an attempt to hide his poor policies that threaten Montanans’ health care, veterans, and public lands.


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