Failure to Launch: Rosendale’s Botched Ag Advisory Board Rollout


 “Montana Farmers Are Skeptical” of Tariffs Rosendale Touts

Helena – During the rollout of his agricultural advisory board yesterday, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale told reporters that the Montana farmers and ranchers he heard from “were very confident” about the tariffs helping with trade agreements in the long term, and that “they were just concerned about the short term effect.”

But that’s not exactly what ag producers in the room said, apparently.

According to Montana Public Radio, some were “not so sure that the ongoing trade dispute would lead to long term benefits for Montana’s agriculture producers.”

One farmer even contradicted Rosendale, saying “I wouldn’t say I’m confident in it,” but that he is “hoping” it will benefit farmers in the long term. And while others are “weathering Trump’s tariff storm,” they are experiencing “some immediate hardships from tariffs” enacted by the Trump Administration.

This isn’t the first time Rosendale, a fake rancher, has been out-of-touch with the harmful impact tariffs could have on Montana’s ag industry.

Last month, after being asked by a Bloomberg reporter what he would do for farmers who will suffer short-term from the White House’s tariffs, Rosendale didn’t answer the question but said “that is all part of this negotiation process.”

But at least Rosendale is setting up an advisory board. Hopefully some of them will advise him of the difference between a farmer and a rancher.


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