Failing Montana’s Students: #MTSen GOP Candidates Consistently Opposed Public Education


Helena – The GOP Senate field would receive an “F” in standing up for Montana’s students.

How exactly?

Ethically challenged Russell Fagg suggested closing three Montana colleges and universities: University of Montana-Western, Montana State University-Northern, and Montana Tech. Thankfully, Fagg didn’t get his way, and the universities continue to thrive. MSU-Northern serves the highest rate of native students among schools in Montana’s university system and Montana Tech was just rated the best value engineering school in the country.

Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is also no friend to public education. Rosendale has expressed support for slashing federal funding for colleges and universities, and voted against scholarships for veterans and STEM students, and a bipartisan measure to end the state’s ability to revoke professional and driver’s licenses of people struggling to pay down student debt. He has repeatedly opposed bipartisan school funding bills against the advice of local education officials and stakeholders, who called a funding bill “critical to our schools” and said Rosendale’s opposition to school funding was “disappointing” and “a shame.”

And then there’s Californian Troy Downing who has expressed disdain for our educators and thinks teachers “don’t have the skill set” to be in Congress.

Montana students deserve a Senator who protects their education and increases their opportunities to learn, not steal them away like the GOP candidates have tried to do.


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