Fagg Hammers Rosendale for Misleading Montanans in #MTSen…Over and Over and Over


Helena – On a statewide talk radio show last week, Russell Fagg didn’t hold any punches, taking wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale to task for, well, just about everything.

Fagg hit Rosendale for being “a career politician…from Maryland” with “East Coast values that don’t necessarily align with Montana.” Fagg said that Montanans see that Rosendale has “come out to Montana to begin his career” and criticized him for “running for five offices in the last eight years,” abandoning his duties as state auditor and being cavalier about a Democratic appointee replacing him on the Land Board were he to actually win.

Fagg also accused Rosendale of flip flopping on public lands. And he’s right – Rosendale is pretending to be a proponent of public lands, when in reality he has consistently tried to make it easier to sell off our public lands, going against what the vast majority of Montanans want.

Rosendale also took flak from Fagg for opposing the death penalty “for horrendous crimes…execution-style of police officers.”

Rosendale’s out-of-state money and out-of-state endorsements didn’t go unnoticed by Fagg either. Fagg called it “troublesome” that Illinois billionaire “Dick Uihlien has put in like a million and a half dollars into the super PAC that supports Matt,” questioned what the quid-pro-quo is, and even asked Rosendale if he disavowed Steve Bannon’s endorsement since President Trump disavowed Bannon.

Rosendale is also facing a complaint for claiming under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015 to get a tax break.


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