Is Fagg “Courageous Enough” to Reverse His Steadfast Support of Mitch McConnell?


Helena – Dr. Al Olszewski recently penned an op-ed calling for the “repeal” of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and replacement with “a true leader.” Dr. O shredded McConnell for agreeing to the bipartisan budget deal, asking rhetorically if Mitch was “too busy begging for special-interest money for the next election,” and even writing that it’s time “to cull the ‘old bull’ from the herd and elect a new Senate majority leader…”

Ethically-challenged Russell Fagg was essentially dared to be “courageous enough” to join Dr. O in calling for McConnell to resign. Fagg, though, supports McConnell – a “rarity” among Republicans in primaries around the country – and something former state legislator Matthew Monforton called an effort to “suck up to Mitch’s Super-PAC.”


So will Fagg, trying to position himself as a moderate in a primary election, keep sucking up to McConnell? Or will he succumb to the pressure being applied from the Right?


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