Fagg Continues to Take Swings at Rosendale in #MTSen Primary, Now Calling Out Bannon Endorsement


Helena – When wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale was endorsed by Steve Bannon last year, Rosendale said he was “thrilled” to have Bannon’s support.

But now, Rosendale isn’t so excited about Bannon’s endorsement, misleading Montanans by hiding his endorsement from them and refusing to say whether or not he will keep or reject it, even after a poll found Bannon’s support among Republican voters nosediving.

Even ethically challenged Russell Fagg is calling out Rosendale for the out-of-state endorsement, calling it “an embarrassment to Montana” and criticizing Rosendale for refusing to disavow Bannon, “a destroyer of the Republican Party,” according to Fagg.

As usual, Rosendale continued misleading Montanans and dodged the question about his view of his Bannon endorsement.

Last week, Rosendale was under pressure from Fagg for potential tax fraud and perjury for signing under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident to receive a tax break in 2015 – a fact that he still has refused to come clean about.


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