FACT CHECK: Dishonest Daines’ New Ad Spews Falsehoods on His Record and Governor Bullock

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Friday, September 4, 2020

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FACT CHECK: Dishonest Daines’ New Ad Spews Falsehoods on His Record and Governor Bullock
Helena, MT – Today, Senator Steve Daines released a new ad which misrepresents his record of supporting policies that help companies ship jobs overseas, and spreads falsehoods about Governor Bullock’s positions. 
Daines Ad: “Bullock is ready to vote for the largest tax increase in American history, sending more American jobs to China.” 
FACT CHECK: Governor Bullock has never expressed support for that proposal. Daines, on the other hand, championed the Republican tax bill which disproportionately benefits the ultra-wealthy and big corporations, while working Montanans got the short end of the stick. On top of that, the tax scam “could actually make it more attractive” for companies to ship jobs overseas. 
Daines Ad: “Steve Bullock doesn’t have the guts to stand up for American workers, but Steve Daines does. Daines is fighting to bring our jobs home where they belong.” 
FACT CHECK: As Governor, Steve Bullock has fought for Montana workers including by passing an apprenticeship tax credit to incentivize businesses to create more good-paying jobs and doubled that incentive for businesses to hire more veterans. On the other hand, Daines  pays lip service to supporting workers. He voted against a Bring Jobs Home measure that sought to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Before he entered Congress, Daines worked in China building factories for an American corporation. At the same time that company laid off 4,000 American workers.  

While Governor Bullock does what’s right for all Montanans, Steve Daines sells them out to the benefit  of corporate interests. Steve Daines: a champion for American jobs? Think again.

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