FACT CHECK: Dark Money Group Misleads on Daines’ Cozy History with China 

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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FACT CHECK: Dark Money Group Misleads on Daines’ Cozy History with China 
Helena, MT – Today, a dark money group aligned with Mitch McConnell released a new ad misleadingly depicting Senator Steve Daines as “tough” on China. In reality, Daines has a long history as a “China cheerleader” and has been accused of doing the country’s “political bidding”. 

Dishonest Ad: “Being dependent on China is a threat to our national health and our national security.” 

FACT CHECK:  During Daines’ time in Washington D.C., he has called the U.S. relationship with China the “most important” one we have – cozying up to China government officials and encouraging “deeper trade ties between the country and the U.S.” – earning himself the distinction of “China’s ambassador in Congress.”

Dishonest Ad: “Senator Steve Daines is working to bring manufacturing jobs and supply chains back home.”

FACT CHECK: In the 1990s, Daines helped a multinational corporation start plants in China while the company eliminated thousands of jobs in the U.S.  In the Senate, Daines voted for a tax plan that “could actually make it more attractive” for companies to ship jobs overseas. And in 2015, he voted against a Bring Jobs Home measure which sought to end tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs. 

Tough on China? Fighting for American jobs? History says otherwise about Steve Daines.


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