More Excuses from Rosendale for Failing to Do His Job, Protect Montanans

Brooke BainumNews

Fact: Rosendale Rubber Stamped Rate Increases

Helena – First, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale dismissed the importance of the Land Board, which he sits on and – when he’s not too busy campaigning – he even attends its meetings. Then, Rosendale admitted to a Montana reporter that he doesn’t “really audit” as State Auditor, but is actually a “consumer advocate.” However, he failed to “advocate” for consumers when he rubber-stamped rate increases for 100,000 Montanans last year.

Now Rosendale is claiming that he has no power in his job as State Auditor, penning an op-ed in which he says that he expects insurance rates to increase even more under his watch and signals he can’t do anything to try to protect Montanans.

The facts? Matt Rosendale rubber stamped health care rate increases of up to 23 percent. He even called those rates reasonable. And he supports policies that would further raise rates and kick Montanans off their health care.

Rosendale is not a real rancher, and he’s admitted he doesn’t “really audit.” He doesn’t care about serving on the Land Board, even though protecting public lands is a priority for the majority of Montanans. And he has now indicated that he will likely rubber stamp rate hikes for Montanans – yet again.

Rosendale can’t even do his current job; he certainly isn’t qualified to be a U.S. Senator.


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