Even More Dark Money Propping Up Rosendale from Out-of-State Special Interest Group Club for Growth


Helena – Today, out-of-state special interest group Club for Growth announced it’s dropping well over a quarter of a million dollars MORE into Montana to attack Jon Tester and try to buy a seat for East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. This latest buy brings Club for Growth’s total spending on behalf of Rosendale to nearly $2.5 million in Montana this cycle alone.

During the primary, Club for Growth spent heavily to boost Rosendale’s weak campaign, pouring in nearly $2 million to prop up Rosendale’s campaign and attack his opponents. Despite all that, Rosendale barely squeaked by in a field of third-tier candidates.

Club for Growth, which endorsed Rosendale last year, bragged about the primary “win.”Rosendale seems to think support from out-of-state dark money groups and special interests is paramount, instead of support from actual Montanans, once again showing that his true values align with out-of-state dark money groups and not with Montana.


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