ENDORSEMENT ALERT: Down-Ballot Democrats Sweep Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial Board

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Friday, October 9, 2020

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ENDORSEMENT ALERT: Down-Ballot Democrats Sweep Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial Board

Graybill, Bennett, Romano, Morigeau, Woods Win Endorsements Over Unqualified Opponents

Helena, MT – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle today rolled out a slate of endorsements for Democratic candidates for statewide and down-ballot offices. The board wrote that after sitting with both candidates in each race, “it is clear to this board that the candidates with the superior qualifications happen to be Democrats.” 

In the race for Attorney General, the editorial board praised Raph Graybill’s experience and commitment to defending access to affordable health care, while they admonished Knudsen for his commitment to ripping it away.

“Knudsen has also been active in opposition to the Affordable Care Act and has in the past supported efforts to transfer federal public lands to the state, despite the state’s lack of resources to manage those lands.”

In the race for Secretary of State, the board pointed to Bryce Bennett’s record of public service, his long history of working to boost voter participation, and his deep commitment to defending access to public lands on the land board. Christi Jacobsen, however, spouted conspiracy theories about the upcoming election.

“Jacobsen even suggested that county election officials commandeering returned ballots for their own preferred candidates represents a serious threat to state election results. Frankly, making such a claim without offering any supporting evidence should disqualify her from serving. Voters should be wary.”

In the race for State Auditor, the board praised Shane Morigeau’s bipartisan accomplishments in the state legislature, and raised concerns over Troy Downing’s conspiracy defense of his infamous hunting violations.

“Equally disturbing, his campaign described state fish and game officials as “the liberal Montana FWP deep state on a witch hunt” for pursuing charges against him. Such convictions and such nonsense are disqualifying for state office and cannot be ignored.”

In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, the board recognized Melissa Romano as a “highly successful, award-winning teacher with many years of experience” who is “passionate about public education and will be a strong advocate for public pre-school education.” Elise Arnzten was admonished for her absence in the state legislature.

“While in office, Arntzen has been deferent to the will of lawmakers and has not acted as an independent advocate for public school improvements.”

In the race for Public Service Commission District 3, the board endorsed Tom Woods for his experience and expertise in energy policy, and his commitment to ensuring that Montana remains an energy giant while fighting climate change by expanding renewable energy. The board also cited the need for new ideas on the PSC, which has degraded into a wholly ineffective and embarrassing body under Republican control — “given recent infighting and backstabbing on the commission, it’s time to introduce someone from the other party.”


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