It’s the End of the Quarter: Where Do We Think #MTSEN GOP Candidates Will Get Their Money From?


Helena – As the end of quarter wraps up this weekend, let’s take a look at where the GOP candidates will be getting their money.

Despite being a wealthy East Coast developer, Matt Rosendale is a notoriously bad fundraiser, so he’s got out-of-state super PACs spending big for him. Club for Growth, backed by Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, spent more than $25,000 to help Rosendale in the last week alone. And Restoration PAC – also backed by Uihlein, went on the air with a $500,000 ad buy. Uihlein’s America’s PAC has also been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for Rosendale on the radio.

And we can expect more of the same. Since last year, outside super PACs and DC-based dark money groups have poured more than $1 million into our state to try to buy a Senate seat.

Meanwhile, we can expect California multi-millionaire Troy Downing to continue self-funding his campaign. Last quarter, he contributed 75 percent of his total money raised.

And finally, there is sad, ethically challenged Russell Fagg, who is still busy dealing with the two federal complaints – one for his shadow campaign raising political money as a sitting judge and the other for filing federal reports late and with multiple errors and omissions.


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