Elsie Arntzen Violated Montana Campaign Finance Law 10 Times

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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Elsie Arntzen Violated Montana Campaign Finance Law 10 Times

Helena, MT – The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has found Superintendent Elsie Arntzen in violation of Montana campaign finance law on two separate counts. According to the Commissioner, Arntzen “violated Montana’s campaign finance and practices law by failing to properly and timely report nine Facebook advertisements,” and “failed to properly report a debt as required by Montana law.” The matter was referred to the Lewis and Clark County Attorney for consideration as for prosecution.

Not only does Arntzen’s self-funded campaign lack transparency, but it has also struggled to garner any kind of popular support. As of her last fundraising report, barely 100 individuals had given money to her lackluster campaign — not one of whom is a current public school teacher. Melissa Romano, on the other hand, has outraised Arntzen quarter after quarter, bringing nearly 2,000 individual donors into her campaign — including nearly 400 public school teachers.

“Elsie Arntzen is clearly more interested in complaining about schools receiving funding than filing accurate and complete finance disclosures,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Montanans demand public officials who don’t cut corners on transparency — Arntzen has proven that she’s not up to that standard.”


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