What Else Has Fake Rancher Rosendale Tried To Scrub From His Record?


Helena – Last week, news broke that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has beenscrubbing mention of his claim to be a rancher from his campaign materials and social media – but only after he was exposed for being all hat and (literally) no cattle.

While being a rancher was something Rosendale used to boast about, it appears he is now embarrassed that Montanans have found out his claims are phony and is perhaps hoping they will forget that he was misleading them in the first place.

Rosendale’s record of voting against Montanans is not as easy to scrub away – but that hasn’t kept him from trying.

What else is Rosendale trying to scrub from the record?

And then, of course, there’s Rosendale’s unfortunate TV ad mistaking Article II of the Constitution with the Second Amendment, which Rosendale was forced to scrub and replace lest people realize he didn’t actually know the difference.


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