Editorial: Rosendale “definitely is violating the spirit of the law”

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Helena – In a brutal editorial this morning, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle said that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s “accounting sleight-of-hand doesn’t pass the smell test” because it essentially allows wealthy donors to contribute more than the legal amount per cycle under campaign finance laws.

The Chronicle called on Rosendale to return the cash to use it for the intended purpose, to retire his previous campaign’s debt.

Rosendale is still refusing to answer questions about his shady scheme to skirt donation limits and cook the books; the only comment from his campaign was one word: “decline.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Rosendale’s gimmick doesn’t pass smell test
By Editorial Board
July 20, 2018

Key points:

  • “Rosendale may not be violating the letter of the law with a bookkeeping gimmick that allows donors to exceed the individual cap on campaign contributions. But he definitely is violating the spirit of the law.”
  • “The accounting move effectively raises the individual campaign donation limit from $5,400 to $8,000.”
  • “This accounting sleight-of-hand doesn’t pass the smell test and is clearly a way to get around individual caps on donations under campaign finance law.”
  • “All candidates should be committed to keeping our elections above board. We should expect them to set an example with integrity in all of their political behavior.”
  • “Rosendale’s campaign accounting maneuver just adds another layer of skullduggery to the campaign.”
  • “Rosendale, who has thus far been silent on the issue, should return the money and use it for what it was initially intended – to pay expenses incurred in his previous congressional bid.”


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