More East Coast Help Swooping in for Rosendale


Helena – This week, a millionaire developer from the East Coast (Donald Trump Jr.) is flying into Montana to help prop up the campaign of another millionaire developer from the East Coast (Matt Rosendale).

But Trump Jr. coming to our state to try to tell Montana voters what to think isn’t exactly the best way to win votes.

You would think Rosendale would’ve learned by now that Montanans don’t like outsiders trying to influence our elections. We also don’t like politicians who pushed to transfer our public lands.

But on both counts, his voting record shows that he doesn’t share those Montana values.

Rosendale voted against the Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures, and against other legislation that would have increased transparency in our elections.

And he has a long record of pushing to transfer our public lands – no matter what he tries to claim now.

No matter how many out-of-staters Rosendale brings in to bail out his campaign, he can’t erase his anti-public lands record or his opposition to transparency in campaign finance.


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