During a Private Fundraiser, Greg Gianforte Calls Tim Fox a Liar

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Monday, May 18, 2020

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During a Private Fundraiser, Greg Gianforte Calls Tim Fox a Liar
Gianforte Calls Allegations of Exploiting His Opponent’s Cancer “False,” Says Fox is “Manipulat[ing]” The Voters of Montana”

Helena, MT – For weeks, Greg Gianforte has been dogged by questions about whether or not he used Tim Fox’s cancer diagnosis to poach supporters away from his campaign. Throughout the primary, Attorney General Fox has repeatedly accused Gianforte of dirty campaigning and profiteering off the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to a pointed question during a private, virtual fundraiser on Thursday night, Gianforte was asked if he had really stooped to using Fox’s cancer diagnosis as part of his bid for governor.

CONSTITUENT: “There’s a story going around on social media that you or your wife called a Tim Fox supporter, and were trying to talk about his cancer diagnosis as a reason to dissuade from voting for him. Can you respond to that?”

GIANFORTE: “Untrue… I mean, this is silly season, in politics, and things get made up… To suggest what they’ve done is completely false. And I have called Tim out on it, called it shameful, because he’s, he’s making false accusations to manipulate the voters of Montana. And I think that’s wrong.”

It’s hard to trust New Jersey Greg, he’s lied to voters so many times. He lied to voters when he said he wouldn’t support repealing the ACAhe lied to the police after violently assaulting a reporter, and he lied to Montanans that he’d place all of his assets in a blind trust.

Is Gianforte lying to Montanans again – this time calling Attorney General Fox and an Ennis doctor a liar instead?

“Greg Gianforte has lied to Montanans so many times I’ve lost count,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “He knows if he’s truthful about his character and his positions, Montanans won’t elect him Governor. Montanans are sick of dirty Washington-style campaigning, and this GOP Civil War will only continue to turn off voters looking for a leader who shares their values.”


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